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Pueblito Viejo #2

TPull into the initially unassuming restaurant and locals will recall this as the site of a Pizza Hut. Then you see the overflow parking lot which is necessary over the weekends where the festive eatery becomes a hub of live music and you realize that this is no Pizza Hut.

Like a Colombian festival, Pueblito Viejo is an explosion of color with more cultural flair hanging from the ceiling and nailed to the walls than any American bistro that you have ever come across. The food is also explosive. Arepa appetizers take the cheese-and-corn circular staple and pair them with everything from steak to pork rinds. I went with the $12 "plato" entrée that features a bit of everything, including a succulent skirt steak, plantain, salted potato slice, a strand of pork rinds, a fried egg, and red beans and white rice.

Despite their significant presence in Miami, Colombian eateries are hard to come by as most Latin American establishments tend to be either Nicaraguan steakhouses or Cuban catchalls. Pueblito Viejo may change that, giving diners a feast for all of the senses -- but most of all the palate.

Pueblito Viejo Restaurant  
8285 SW 40th Street  
Miami, FL 33155  
(305) 551-4650

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