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Lila's Restaurant

Speed rules at this Cuban institution. No, that doesn't mean that you will be rushed to finish your meal. By all means, take your time. It means that Lila's simply values your time. I can't recall ever having to wait more than 10-15 minutes for an order at this cozy eat-in restaurant in the heart of Westchester.

There are two signature dishes here. The first is the Lila's Steak. It's a thin, pounded palomilla steak with onion garnish aplenty buried under a mountain -- yes, a mountain -- of julienne cut homemade French fries. It's decadent. It's worth it. The other is the Lila's flan, an egg custard staple so popular that you can find it packaged in many area grocery stores along with Tres Leche (a sponge cake soaked in condensed milk) or go for the version topped with goat's milk caramel -- or dulce de leche -- if you really want to test the limit of your sweet tooth.

The food is good but it's the service and prices that really win you over at Lila's.

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