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Barton G. Restaurant

There are two types of people in South Florida. Those that have dined at Barton G. and those that have to hear their friends talk about their dining experience at Barton G. Hands down the most memorable South Beach eatery, you'll pay up for the plated eye candy but you'll feel as you still got a bargain by the fifth time that you recount your tale. 

Barton G. is unassuming on the outside, blocks away from the South Beach action in a mostly residential area. Everything changes once the food starts arriving. Order the lobster pop tarts and they will be literally delivered on a toaster. Go with the bread pudding and it comes in a stainless steel bread box. That's how it will go all meal long, but the real kicker at Barton G. is that the food tastes as good as it looks. The tomato bisque may be dispensed like artwork but it goes down like a smooth masterpiece. A rolled up skirt steak accompanied by a wooden horse decorative bookend was tender, juicy, and paired perfectly with flavored mashed potatoes and fried onion strings.

You can either sit inside or opt for the dimmer, quieter, and more intimate outside seating area. Eat up but do save room for desert. That's where Barton G. pulls out all of the stops. Most treats will run you about $25 but are large enough for several hungry diners. The signature piece is an $89 chocolate fountain that features four pounds of rippling chocolate with a ton of goodies to dip in.

By the end of the night, you won't believe something that looks so good can taste even better. The one final decision that you make as you head on out is which friend you are going to call first.

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